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The Causey Consulting Podcast

Sara Causey

Are you an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or a small business owner? The Causey Consulting Podcast is designed especially for you! Our episodes are guaranteed to ALWAYS give you valuable insights that you can use in your life and your business immediately. You'll never walk away from an episode without learning something new. Your host, Sara Causey, is a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies and a coach for solopreneurs and small business owners Sometimes Sara flies solo with her own insights and experiences, and other times she interviews a fantastic, bad-a$$ guest with expertise in topics like work/life balance, financial freedom, marketing, social media management, business communication, etc. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn and visit her website at for more. Like our theme music? It's "Rainbow" by Scandinavianz. Show them some love at: Need music of your own? Check out