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Потёмкинские деревни aka Nothing to see here, people, move along.

March 02, 2023
The Causey Consulting Podcast
Потёмкинские деревни aka Nothing to see here, people, move along.
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If you've ever visited a movie studio, it may have surprised you to see what the sets actually look like. In some cases, a set can merely be a small 3D model that looks good on camera. The idea of Потёмкинские деревни or Potemkin villages is similar: create a shell that looks good in order to obscure the unhappy or dangerous reality behind it.

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✔️Although the legend behind the Потёмкинская деревня may be false, the concept itself is true. Paper over problems and put on an act to keep everyone calm.
✔️ As I always say: IMO, if you wait to be "officially" told something, you've waited too late.
✔️Negative equity, the debt ceiling, multigenerational living, nations ditching the dollar, mass layoffs . . . yet you are supposed to think a recession is still just somewhere over the horizon. SMH.


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Welcome to the Causey Consulting Podcast. You can find us online anytime at And now, here's your host, Sara Causey. Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in. In today's episode, I want to talk about Потёмкинские деревни, or Potemkin villages. And why I think that concept plays into the Nothing to see here, people move along, move along narrative that we've gotten for months and months. Now. Let's try to zoom out a little bit. And think about the timeline of all this. Back in 2020, we got smacked upside the head with a pandemic. And we were told two weeks to flatten the curve, go home, stay safe. unprecedented times, nothing like this in our generation, we're just going to have to do the best that we can, with a crappy set of circumstances. People who were deemed non essential got laid off, certain businesses just folded and closed up full stop. White Collar knowledge workers were given equipment and told go do your job at home. So as people were housed together more, some of them that maybe were not home all that much, maybe the house or the apartment was just a place that they stayed at night, and sometimes on the weekends. But now everybody was crammed jam together, the kids were at home doing distance learning. The adults in the household were at home with laptops trying to do work from home. Maybe the house felt cramped where it didn't before. Maybe the house had problems and some signs of neglect that hadn't been noticed before. Maybe the neighborhood had gone downhill or some people had moved in that were a holes that wanted to make trouble for everybody. It wasn't a big deal before. But now that we're all crammed together, it feels like a very big deal. People started to look for other options and housing. And I think that realtors and brokers certainly did their part to try to fanned the flames because they had a vested interest and partying people from their money. There was so much FOMO and YOLO going on. This might be the last chance. Who knows if interest rates will ever be this low again. Some of them acted like houses were just going to get Thanos blipped off the planet, you would just never have another opportunity to buy a house again. You better do it now. Right damn now. And because of pandemic restrictions, there were some people that never even saw the house in person until it was theirs. They might have done a video walkthrough tour with the realtor. They might have just looked at the pictures online and said, yes, everything looks good. And the photos were sold. How did that turn out? Me? I think we know how that story ended for a lot of people. There was also FOMO and YOLO in the job market. We saw the great resignation taking shape. People saying there are so many available jobs. Why on earth would I stay someplace where I'm not treated? Well, some people hopped purely for the money. If I can make 60k here and then get an offer for 70. Why would I not? If I stay there for three months? And then I can get an offer for 80? Why would I not? And so on so forth. And they thought that they would be able to do that ad infinitum. I've talked about it before, when you really look at it for what it is you realize how hyperbolic the situation is. Okay, I'm gonna go from 60k to like, what, 3 million and a year or two. Does that seem realistic? Nevertheless, we had the great resignation, people hopped we had people hopping across the real estate market. It was a heady and crazy time. If you wanted to make a comparison to the roaring 20s You certainly could. If you wanted to make a comparison to the things that played out in like, oh 506 And oh seven as a precursor to the Great Recession You most certainly could do that. And we were also told in the midst of all this not to worry, a recession was not coming anybody that tried to sound the alarm bell and be bearish was laughed at the bulls told you Oh no, the band is going to play on forever. There's not a risk of recession. We're not in any kind of bubble. This is not a housing bubble this oh no, huh? This is nothing like oh six or oh seven. This is not an artificially manipulated market. It is not a housing bubble, no way. These loans are solid, they're not doing the kinds of shenanigans that they did back then these loans make total sense. This is not about derivatives and craziness and Bs ninja loans. Oh, no, oh no, the people that are being approved for these mortgages on these doodoo, poop, overpriced houses. So solid, no risk of default, you should not think in any way shape or form that the housing market is in a bubble. You heard people in HR and staffing, trying to convince you the same thing was true about the great resignation, that it was going to go on forever. And that job seekers could hippity hop across the market forever. Just forever, there always be a plethora of open white collar jobs that pay the living wage and benefits, you could just hippity hop across that market and just get more and more money. And it wouldn't matter about tenure or loyalty oops, forget that. You don't even worry about the consequences of any of this. Because none of these markets are manipulated. Everything is just like totally normal. And honestly, those narratives that we're not in any kind of a bubble, these markets are not artificially manipulated in any way, that story went on. And on and on. When the cracks in the foundation started to become just too obvious to ignore, then we began to get, well, there might be some normalizing, there might be some rebalancing. Since there were no bubbles, it's not like the bubbles are deflating, so we don't have to worry about that. It's just some of that red hot heat is coming out of the market, things are starting to do is normalize a little itty bitty bit. We had crazy inflation that got started. You were supposed to ignore that because gas prices went up. But then they started to go down because we were tapping the strategic petroleum reserves. So we were all supposed to seal clap about a slight reduction in gas prices. We were told at various times that inflation was going to abate it was going to be okay, because they were taking the exorbitant price of food and energy out of their number calculations. Like so the things that actually matter to people for basic survival are not being counted. We heard cutesy terms and weird nomenclature, it's a slow session. It's a rolling recession, it's going to be mild. You know, if any kind of recession actually does happen, it's going to be mild. It's nothing that you should worry about. We might have an economic slowdown for a few months. But the American consumer is resilient. They're flush with cash from the 2020 stimming tricks, somehow, they're going to be fine record amount of money in savings. People are doing great. Oh, and then red hot job market. Now, some of the other components of the broader economy may have slowed down. But there's just no way that we could be in a recession, because look at the labor market to legitimate open jobs for every one unemployed person of 3.4 to 3.7 unemployment rate. lowest it's been in 50 years. For some of you youngsters out there. This is the lowest unemployment rate supposedly, that you have seen in your lifetime, tons of open jobs. Why? If anybody is unemployed in an economy like this? Well, it's their own damn fault. It is purely by their choice. They should just go and get a job as a burrito maker and they will be fine. No layoffs are coming. I remember more than a few commentators and talking heads an analyst and so called economists last year, who told us we would not see mass layoffs. It just wasn't possible. Hmm. Okay. So then when mass layoffs started, we were told, okay, well, oops a daisy. It will just be big tech and Silicon Valley. Big tech over hired. There was the Zoom boom, people were Working from home. So people companies were ordering laptops and freelancers were ordering laptops, people needed all of this technology, to be able to do distance learning and to be able to work from home, to have the proper infrastructure to do their job at the house. So big tech kind of overreacted, they flew a little too close to the sun, like Icarus, and now it's just normalizing. It's not that big tech is hemorrhaging. It's not that there are broader problems in the overall economy. No, no, no, no. It's just that big tech over hired. So this mass layoff situation is just a very normal, very safe correction. It's just a rebalancing, and everything is going to be okay. And you quite frankly, should not be worried about it. Unless you are in Silicon Valley, or you work for some giant big tech company, you're probably going to be alright. As mass layoffs have spread beyond big tech, and Silicon Valley, as I sit here and record this episode today, there's still a scramble amongst the talking heads to figure out how to spin this. We are still being told that unemployment is low, there are two legitimate open jobs for every one unemployed person, mass layoffs are happening. But like, you're still supposed to think it's big tech, or maybe it's okay, if you think it's just huge global type companies, but it's not affecting startups. And it's not affecting health care, and it wouldn't affect fast food or retail. Based on the summary that I've just given you of events, do you think any of that is trustworthy information? It's up to you to decide that I don't ever tell you what to think I don't ever tell you what to believe. In my opinion, I wouldn't trust any of that analysis. As far as I could throw it. I have common sense for one thing. For another. I'm in the job market every day, as I have been for over a decade now. It's my Bellwether, I know how to read the ebbs and flows pretty damn well. There's no way that we have a 3.4% unemployment rate, in my opinion, you are seeing people languishing on the job market for weeks for months. There are people on social media begging for a job and talking about how they never saw this coming. They can't believe it happened to them. Or they could see a pink slip in the future. But they just didn't think they would be unemployed for a significant length of time because they believe the hype. Yeah, I hope that's not you. If you're listening today, I hope that's not you. And I hope that that's not anybody in your family, or in your circle of friends. I hope that you prepared, I hope that you have taken a good BS filter to the information that you hear. And I hope that you have gotten strategic a long time ago, about who you listen to, and why. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I think that the old scripture about you'll know the tree by the fruit it bears is accurate. If someone goes online and they make predictions and their predictions don't come true, or maybe they're about half and half. Is that somebody that you want to saddle up with? I mean, for me personally, no. I want to listen to people that make sense. They have a rational argument. If people make predictions, I want to go back and look well. Have they been accurate? Have they said you should buy this stock and then the company folds in the next week? I mean, I think that there should be some kind of assessment given. If you're going to hold yourself out there and say, I am telling you what to do, which I never do. By the way, I don't give you advice of any kind. I sit here and opine for your entertainment only. But if the so called experts who are going to hold themselves out in the media or on the television as experts, and they're and they're going to tell people you should buy this, buy the dip, sell this and do this and everything's fine. They're never taken to task if they're wrong. It just gets swept under the rug, and we all move down the road. They can just gets perpetually kicked down the road. So this notion of Потёмкинские деревни has been on my mind. Potemkin villages, facades, illusions. So the idea of a Potemkin village it's based on a legend and believe me, I don't want to get into a debate about did this actually happen? Or is it totally fabricated? We could have the same debates about that. Things like Nero supposedly fiddling while Rome burned. Did Marie Antoinette really say let them eat cake? Vas you dere Charlie? No, I was not. I was not there when Nero was alive or Marie Antoinette, nor was I there with Potemkin. And Catherine the Great, okay, we're talking about a legend. Don't ride into me and give me a doctoral dissertation. I'm using this as an important metaphor. So the story behind Potemkin village is that Potemkin allegedly created these false facades in an effort to impress Catherine the Great. The idea was that these villages would really just be shell buildings. So that superficially everything looks pretty good. If you were just walking through riding through in a carriage. Everything looks legit, people are dressed well. And the buildings are constructed and from from the road, all appears to be well. And then after the need for the Potemkin village has passed, you dismantle this set, and you send the extras away. And that's that it was all done as an illusion to present a very particular narrative. If you've ever visited a movie studio, then you know what I'm talking about. I remember on one of my trips to LA, I had taken a friend of mine with me, and we decided to tour Universal Studios. And I was curious, and open minded. I'm like I really wanted to see okay, like, what goes on? How is the sausage made? My friend for some reason, I don't know why. But she had really built up this scenario of the Bates Motel. I knew that she liked the old movie psycho. But I didn't know flight, she was going to flip out about the Bates Motel. kind of random, kind of weird. But anyway, she had an inner mind that the Bates Motel was going to be like a real old haunted hotel, and that we were going to get out. And mill around in the Bates Motel like it for real existed. So like they were going to take us in there. And it would be like, well, here's the shower where Janet Lee got fake, stabbed. And here's the office and then up the hills, the creepy old house where mother was in the fruit seller, she really thought that stuff was real. Again, I don't know why. But she sure believed it. So when we got to that part of the tour, and she saw that the Bates Motel was just a shell, there was not going to be any getting out and touring a real old haunted hotel. It was just a shell. That that tore her up. I remember some of the things that we looked at to are just like 3d models, that wouldn't have been any larger than maybe your kitchen table. They just had to look good on film. And some of the sets were just like pieces of plywood with a village or a city or a backdrop painted on them. That was it. It really was a Potemkin village because it wasn't even like a building that had a room on it, it would just it literally would just be like a set a piece of plywood with something painted on it and nothing behind it. Other than pieces of lumber designed to prop it up long enough to get a particular shot made for a movie or television show. It has to look good on camera, it has to look good in the movie, or the television show or the commercial. And that's it. And then it might be dismantled. 10 minutes later, and the extras are sent home. And that's that. So as we finished the tour, and we left I asked her well how you know this you were hyped up about going to see the Bates Motel. What did you think about the tour and everything. And she had this look on her face. I'm not even really sure how to describe it. But I remember she said that sucked. And I said it sucked. Why? She said Well, it just it wasn't what I expected. I guess I just expected something a lot different than what we got. See for me, I was on the opposite side of the spectrum. I thought that it was cool to get to go behind the scenes and see how the sausage is made. But I'm I'm kind of like that, you know there is a Faustian edge to my personality. It's not a wonder that I did a lot of academic work with the Faust legend because I'm curious, the esoteric knowledge the things that you're not supposed to know the peek behind the curtain you're not supposed to get I find that appealing. But For her, it just ruined the illusion. For me debunking the myth and being able to go behind the illusion was enjoyable. I had fun with it. For her, it was devastating. I think again to Blanche DuBois and streetcar, I don't want realism, I want magic. And I think she was ticked off because going behind the scenes ruined the illusion for her. It gave her a dose of realism when she wanted the magic. And so it is with a Potemkin village. Whatever entity you want to attribute it to a media source, the state, corporate America, whomever a certain illusion is created. A Potemkin village is built. Now even though it might not be anything more than a piece of plywood held up by two by fours. And it only has to last just long enough for you to walk by and go oh, look at that pretty house. Oh, look at that attractive city. Oh, look at those beautiful trees and flowers. And then it might be dismantled. 10 minutes later. The idea is that you believe it when you're supposed to believe it. You just look at the superficial information. You listen to whatever you're told sort of halfway in a news snippet or a tweet, and you just go along with it. You don't question anything you just know. And that nice, and then you go, I firmly put all of this hype about supposedly low unemployment rate. And all of these open jobs and people are doing great. I put all of that into the same kind of Potemkin village bucket, you're supposed to believe that there's just no way we could be in a recession. Or maybe it's a slow session or a little bitty bit of a slowdown. But there's no way that we could really be in any significant trouble. Because look at how hot the job market is. People are doing great. And then as the wheels begin to fly off of the economic jalopy that we're driving in, I am sure that they will create another Potemkin village that suits their needs. Now, it's not going to help you out. If you're an average working class person. The village is designed to help out the hyper elites, not you. Not you. As I always say, in my opinion, if you wait to be officially told something, or you wait for some talking head in corporate sponsored media to tell you something that they're allowed to finally tell you, you've waited too late. You have waited too late. And I know I'll get hate mail. I know somebody will tell me I'm a Debbie Downer about all of this. In my opinion. If somebody has just been cruising along, you know, they're just driving down the road looking at the Potemkin village and they think everything's fine. They've done nothing to prepare. They have no idea what's coming. In my opinion, I think it's probably too late for that person. I'm sorry. I know. I know. I know, that's going to hurt some people's feelings is going to make some people mad. I just have to be honest with you, I think somebody that still driving down the road in a state of oblivion. They don't know anything about bank bail ins, they don't know anything about unsecured creditors. They don't know anything about the condition. The economy is really in. They don't know anything about the condition. The job market is really in. They're not hearing the stories of struggle, from people saying I had no idea I would be unemployed this long, and I'm scared to death. Somebody that they're worried about the royal family and gossip, they're paying attention to mindless bull crap on Twitter, they're probably not going to make it. I'm sorry about you. I really am. I've tried. I've been on my blog and on this podcast for months, warning you of what I was seeing in the job market, trying to pull all of this analyses together and tell you okay, here's how I think the job market relates to the broader economy. Here are my predictions. Here's what I see coming. You know, you can take that and do with it whatever you want. I just sit here for your entertainment only. But I do think somebody that is still oblivious. They're still waiting for somebody to come out and say, Okay, I'm going to like unscrew roll a piece of parchment paper, like some town crier of olden. And say, okay, all right now is officially a recession. Somebody who's waiting for that man They're in my opinion, they're in bad shape, they're probably they're probably not going to make it. I put the same I'm really going to get hate mail now, oh god and the mansplain errs. Have a headache just thinking about this, but I'm gonna say it anyway. I would say the same thing about people that are still having a laugh, having a LARP about RTO people who think that everybody is going to sit it out and have a nationwide strike and demand work from home. People who think that the companies of the future are all remote only, nobody ever will have to go back and sit in a cubicle again, not ever, it just it literally will not happen. People in that bucket, in my opinion, not gonna make it. She's not gonna make it. We're hearing stories now about negative equity. owing more on an item than it's worth and being upside down. There's talk about the US hitting the debt ceiling, what's going to happen with that? Are people who rely on pensions or government benefits just going to be screwed? Are we going to kick the can further down the road and just increase the debt ceiling and go further, further and further into financial oblivion? Is the Fed gonna continue printing up fiat currency that's not backed by anything other than hot air and an edict and make inflation even worse? I don't know. We're seeing a rise in multi generational living. And it's because you have elderly people that need to come back and live with kids and grandkids. You have young folks that are needing to move back in with mom and dad or grandpa and grandpa, because times are freaking tough. If the economy was so good, and people are doing great, why would they be doing that? Makes no sense. Some families have a difficult time getting along just through a dinner. They weren't you can't convince me that they would all be living together under one roof. If the economy was truly robust, and people truly were doing great, I'm sorry, I don't buy it. You have nations ditching the dollar. And talking about how it's time for the US dollar to not reign supreme anymore. We may break away from this and make other choices. mass layoffs, even though we were told, we were reassured that mass layoffs would not happen. And then when they started to happen, we were told well, okay, but it's big tech and Silicon Valley only mean, how much of this are you going to believe? Are you going to believe evidence and things that you can see and hear for yourself? Or are you going to smoke hopium and just hope it's going to all be alright. The unfortunate truth as I see it, is that as one Potemkin village outlived its usefulness, it will just be deconstructed, and another one will be built to take its place. Unless you wake up, and you decide to educate yourself, even though you have been told that you just shouldn't read, it's a waste of time. It puts other people's thoughts inside your brain, and it wastes time that you could be using to hustle for money. God bless America, what on earth? Why would somebody say that? It's really up to you, to educate yourself. To me, one of the most beautiful things about reading a book is the continued information that it spawns because as an author references another and then another and another, I just find so many cool books that I might not have ever found on my own. And I really enjoy that. I feel like the expansion of knowledge is something everlasting. You're not ever going to know it all. You're not ever going to be able to think of everything there is to think of by yourself. Hello, hi. How are you? That's why you read. And it disturbs the ever loving hell out of me that anybody would say, Oh, I don't I don't like to read books. I'd rather be making money. I don't want anybody else's thoughts in my brain. Will you live in one hell of an echo chamber then sir? Wow. How are you ever gonna think of anything different? If you don't read somebody else's thoughts? Well, maybe he thinks he knows it all already. Who knows. So as one village gets deconstructed, and another one takes its place, what what will happen next, what will the next village be? I don't know. I am recording this particular episode ahead of the next jobs report. So I don't know. I highly, highly doubt that we will be told Old. Okay, so we told you before that the unemployment rate was 3.4%. Now we're going to tell you that it's probably like 33.4%. They're not going to do that. I don't see it happening. I feel like whatever the village is that gets constructed next, they want to avoid panic. They want to avoid people protecting themselves. They want to avoid people freaking out, they want to avoid bank runs, etc. Nobody wants to have like some mass panic out in the streets. And for the record, I'm not saying that I do either. I have never once gotten on this broadcast and told you zombies are coming for you. They're gonna eat your brain. Mad Max Thunderdome. You better be prepared for full out Armageddon tomorrow. I have never said that to you. And I would never say that to you because I don't think zombies are coming to your brains, or that Armageddon is going to kick off tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong about that. I think what it really boils down to is a lack of preparation. Why? Jared? A Brock fantastic article talks about it all the time. The Hyper elites want a recession so they can take your stuff. How much clearer can it be they want your stuff? They're going to blame when we when we finally are allowed to know some fragment of the truth. I don't know if we'll really ever get the full truth. If we do think about how many years down the road, it'll be a decade easily would have to be anyway, when we're finally allowed to know that the car has left the highway and it's often a ditch and we're in big, serious trouble. It's really going to be too late for the average person to do anything to fix their economic situation. Foreclosures, evictions, repossessions, debt defaults. Oh, yeah. Oh, I think that's coming for sure. All of that will be portrayed as the fault of John and Jane Q Public, it will be like the average working class person F themselves over and it's all their fault. The only possible alternative that I see to that would be Oopsy. Daisy, the car left the highway and it went off in the ditch and it hit a tree and burst into flames. But golly, gosh, gee bang whiz, who could have ever seen that coming, there's just no way that we could have predicted it. And that's a possible alternative. But I think more than likely, average working class people will be blamed for the car, leaving the highway and smashing into a tree and bursting into flames. It will be all your fault, we'll be given some type of rah rah speech, about how we all have to pull together and get through this tough economic times. It'll be kind of like the pandemic, we're living in an unprecedented time who would have ever seen this awful health crisis coming. So we all have to pull together, we all have to unite to flatten the curve, I think it'll be like that, except for the economy, the economy sick, it's on life support, in order for us to fix the problem, but we cleared it, don't worry, we're going to need all of you peons and plebs to come together and shut the EFF up and do what we tell you to do. Probably a part of that will be the C, B, D, C's increased surveillance, you're going to know everything, everything, everything, everything. I mean, like they don't already, but they're gonna, they're gonna really know everything, and they're gonna have the ability to just cut you off. If you don't toe the line and do what you're told, then all of these other negative consequences will happen. We had to do it. We didn't want to do it. But we had to do it because y'all peons ran economy into the ground. And so this is the consequence. This is the icky medicine that you have to take to pay for your sins, even though what sins have we committed? Right. That's what I say shaping up. I think that will be when we're finally allowed to know that the economy is in the dumper that will be the kind of village they construct. Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a thought from Glenn Greenwald's book with liberty and justice for some how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful. I'll talk about this book in more detail in a future episode because it deserves an episode all its own. It's a fantastic book, I just wished that I still possess the ability to be shocked by the chicanery and the insanity that goes on and these high levels of power. I just I read the book and I'm like, this is a great book. There's just not a damn bit of it that I find surprise See, sometimes I miss that naivete. You know, it's about like Iron Man talking to Captain America saying, you know, I gotta say it sometimes I miss that giddy optimism. Yeah, sometimes I miss it, but reality is what it is. So I have the hardback. I think this is what edition is this of the hardback first edition of the book. And I am reading from page 24 you now. Remarkably, Ford explicitly pointed to Nixon's lofty status as a reason to exempt him from the accountability applied to ordinary Americans a complete reversal and rejection of the central covenant of the American founding. For signature line, Our long national nightmare is over put a heroic spin on the betrayal of the rule of law. We end the nightmare of high level criminality by sweeping it under the rug protecting the wrongdoers and pretending their crimes never happened in quote. I'm going to jump ahead now to page 51 of the hardback copy. On January 12 2009, before Obama was even inaugurated, an article appeared on the front page of The New York Times under the headline Obama reluctant to look into Bush programs. The first sentence reported President Elect Barack Obama signaled in an interview broadcast Sunday that he was unlikely to authorize a broad inquiry into Bush administration programs like domestic eavesdropping, or the treatment of terrorism suspects, echoing almost verbatim the excuse Bill Clinton had offered for abandoning his pledge to bring accountability to the crimes of bush 41 officials. Obama was quoted in the article as explaining that he had a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards. To date Obama has succeeded in blocking and suppressing virtually every investigation into Bush crimes, whether by congressional committees, courts, international tribunals, or even internal executive branch inquiries in quote. Are you surprised by any of that? I reckon that you shouldn't be. So when this round of economic mess blows up, creates a disaster that's too big for anybody to ignore. Eventually, the can will get kicked down the road. Nobody important, nobody in a high place. No, none of the hyper elites and the ultra, ultra wealthy will face any kind of hardship because of it. If there's even a hint that somebody on high, might be prosecuted for something, it'll get swept under the rug, and we will be told, we went through such a difficult time. The national nightmare needs to end. It's time for us to come together and heal. Let's just move on. Let's focus on tomorrow, focus on the future and forget about what just happened. And you know what, people will go along with that. They will, they absolutely will. We will have that. Well, unprecedented times we had the pandemic people got sick. We had insanity in these markets. And then everything crashed and it went to hell. And people were impoverished, and they were scared. And so we did whatever we did. And now it's time to heal. We'll kick the can down the road some more. Nobody will ever face justice if they did anything wrong as long as they were a high up and that'll be that. That is what I see shaping up. I hope that I am wrong. Believe me. I want to be wrong on this. Time will tell. Time will tell. Keep an eye out for those Potemkin villages and just ask yourself, Am I looking at a real building with something inside of it? Or is it just a shell, a painted shell held up by two by fours with some hired extras to play the parts. Stay safe, stay sane. And I will see you in the next episode. Thanks for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, please take a quick second to subscribe to this podcast and share it with your friends. We'll see you next time.