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You're On Your Own

August 24, 2023 Sara Causey
The Causey Consulting Podcast
You're On Your Own
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As I've said before, IMO, if someone hasn't prepared already for an economic downturn, if they think The Great Resignation is still going on and will do so forever, they really believe 3.5% unemployment rate, there's nothing I can do. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I started the Saturday Broadcasts when I saw the storm clouds coming and I feel like I've done what I can do. If someone is not awake, good luck. 


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Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in. In today's episode, I wanted to talk about you’re on your own. For some people who are highly independent, that might be wonderful news. For other people who are not it might be terrifying news. And to be clear, as I have said many times, I don't get into the apocalyptic scenarios, Armageddon is going to kick off tomorrow, we're all going to be in Mad Max, the Thunderdome. All of Western civilization will collapse on the same day, at the same time, zombies will be eating your brains, etc. I try to stay towards the middle of the bell curve and just think about things that are likely to happen. Things that are more probable, not things that are just possible. I mean, they they could happen. They're not totally in the realm of the impossible, but they're not super likely. I tried to stay away from that kind of thing. Over the weekend, this was on my mind, because there was a night where I woke up at like three o'clock in the morning. Not actually because I was thinking about the economy or this podcast or any of that. I made the questionable decision to down and entire bottle of water right before I went to bed. And at about three o'clock in the morning. The call of nature was intense. So I was like, oh, man, he's trying to be quiet and relatively still. So I didn't wake anybody else up. was laying there thinking like, you know, I think I'm done with the Saturday broadcast at this point. Maybe not for forever, there could always be something else that comes up that I feel necessitates bringing the back. But for the time being, I think I'm done. I want my weekends back. It has been tiring trying to get the farm and the animals ready for the wintertime. Even though it has been so hot. It is hard other than thinking about it in a lusty kind of way like oh my God, I wish it was 40 degrees right now and sweater weather. It's hard to even think about snow and ice and all of that. But you have to when you're involved in agriculture, you have to be thinking about the next season when you're in the current season. So for me prepping is just natural thing. It's about getting the hay cut and bailed and getting it stored in the barn and making sure that you think you have enough he man plans and God laughs We know that but making sure that you think you have enough to be able to get through those winter months whether it's snow and ice blizzards, snow squalls, or one big nothing burger. We've had some winners that hardly felt like a winner at all. It would be like 50 degrees during the day and then maybe 30 degrees at night. No snow, no sleet, nothing. Maybe some clouds if we got lucky. But then we've also had winters that were crazy. We've been through ice storms. We've been through blizzards, I've had those snow drifts before that were considerably taller than I am. You just never know, in this part of the Midwest, you never know what you're signing up for. And I'm like, I need my weekends back. I'm busy. I have so many things to do. And I thought of that UB 40 song lyric and red red wine where he's like, all I can do, I've done. That's it. Bottom line, while I'm out here shooting like crazy. And by the way, I'll violate my own HIPAA like the heart medication that I'm on. It is helping, it has helped me a lot. One of the negative side effects, however, is that my ability to talk to tolerate heat is low. Anything above about 80 and I am miserable. I think part of that is already exacerbated by the fact that I've had a heat stroke in the past, I noticed that my ability to tolerate heat after I had that experience had gone down anyway. But then now that I'm on this medication, it's really down. So being out there trying to get hay ready trying to get prepped for the winter and think about what what are the possibilities here because the forecasters don't know. There have been times where the almanac told us that it was going to be brutally cold and it wasn't where we were gonna get all these feet of snow dumped on us and we got nothing. And then the opposite has been true too. We were geared up for a mild winter and then it turned out to be sheer insanity. So who knows. Whatever contribution that I felt like I needed to make, I think I've done that. When I started those broadcasts over a year ago, I knew that a storm was coming. I could see the clouds gathering on the horizon and I was scared for people. I I knew that an economic downturn was going to affect the job market. And I also knew that we were going to have a backlash against the great resignation. And I felt sorry for people who thought like, the great resignation was going to last forever. And it was going to be a viable career path to Hippity, hop across the market and just constantly demand more money every time that you made the leap. But think about the number of hot air and hopium people that you saw on social media saying exactly that this is a permanent change. Workers have the upper hand, and it's not going back to corporate America. Right? I put them in the same category of people who say that any of these bubbles take look at the Omni bubble and take your pick. We're never there's never going to be a problem in the job market. There's never going to be a problem in the housing market. The banking sector has totally sound, the recession has been canceled. All I can do I've done, I feel that I have, I have done what I set out to do in warning people, someone that has ears to hear someone that has eyes to see someone that has enough common sense that they're willing to look around in the local community and say, Wait a minute, all of this hot air and hopium and utter nonsense that I'm hearing in the mainstream media doesn't actually match what I'm seeing in the local community. I've warned you before that, when the mom and pop shop down the road that has 15 employees lays off 10 of the 15. That's not going to make the nightly news. But that is a substantial cut. And it has a huge impact on the people who got laid off as well as quite frankly, the people who have to stay and pick up the slack because you know that the managers are not going to hire anybody if they've just had to lay folks off. If they do, they'll hire one or two people at bare bones wages and work them half to death. This is not going to be on the nightly news. The onus is on you to wake up and pay attention for yourself. Does it look like inflation is abating where you are. I'm not saying it. But we've been on this weird roller coaster of the gaslighting and the bread crumbing. All throughout 2023 People are doing great flush with cash. But then at the same time you go on another outlet and it'll be like people are drowning in debt. Credit card debt has never been this bad. People are planning actively planning to max out at least one credit card before the year is over with. Oh, and by the way, they're raiding their 401 K. They're treating their retirement savings more like it's a garden variety savings account. Auto defaults are up, people are going to have to choose between paying their student loans or paying for rent and groceries. Now that the moratorium on evictions is over with post op Hmm. There are people getting thrown out your all this stuff about homeless encampments in California being the biggest they've ever been. But then you go to another outlet. People are doing great flush with cash, the recession, it's been canceled. It's no longer gonna rise from the mists like Brigadoon, it's just been canceled. People are doing great, can't wait to get back to that age of easy money, that quantitative easing, want to make sure that stock market stays good. Want to make sure everything's great for the cronies? Oh, and don't worry, it'll trickle down. Those of us in the working class and the working poor, we will be able to live off the scraps from the Masters table. Oh, isn't that wonderful? The original promise that I made to myself was that I would stop with the Saturday broadcast once somebody finally finally tried it out in mainstream media.


The recession has now begun. And I really thought that a pretty good possibility was that it would be used for political purposes because they aren't they always are. There's always some spin. There's always some angle. It could have been used by either the elephants or the donkeys themselves as a means of saying, Okay, thank you for your service. senile old man. But we don't like what you're doing with the economy. You've kind of made a mess of it. So it's time for you to just retire. great granddad needs to go off the stage, sit in the home and eat his ice cream and just be done. I really thought that was a possibility. I also thought a possibility was it could be blamed on the previous administration, as a way of making sure that the Orange Man doesn't come back. I really thought there would be some kind of announcement finally, when it was just impossible to paper over the cracks any further. I think I overestimated the common sense of people. Not everybody. Okay, I'm not trying to be some elitist snob here, not everybody. I think I overestimated the common sense of people who are They rely a lot on social media. And they just, they're in such denial, they cannot accept that boom and bust cycles are created, and that the boom cycles don't last forever. They don't. But for some reason, in this particular cycle, it's like people just can't let go. They can't imagine that we could have a Great Depression, they can't imagine that we can have a great recession or another 1982 recession, another round of 1970s era stagflation. It's like it's become unfathomable to them. What do you do? In that situation? When it seems like people have been so propagandized, they have their heads up their rear ends, in my opinion, and common sense doesn't seem to be common. There's only so much that you can do. The last broadcast that I put out was almost two hours long. And I might, I've said all I can say, I've told people I think it's past the point. And I do. I really do understand that sounds Debbie downer, you're supposed to get on the air as a content creator and hype everybody up. It's gonna be fine. We're, we've been through hard times before let's just rally together. It's all good peace and love. Okay. No, you see, in my opinion, which could be wrong, totally could be wrong. In my opinion, if somebody has not meaningfully prepared for this economic downturn, I think it's too late for them. Like the old phrase, the best time to plant a tree is is 20 years ago, the second best time is today. You may not get to enjoy the shade of it, but your kids, your grandkids and so on. They will I get that. So I would never tell anybody. First of all, I don't give you advice. I don't tell you what to do or what not to do. I sit here and I opine for your entertainment only. If you and I were just hanging out at the pint at the at the pint at the pub having a pint? I'd be like, Man, in my opinion. I just think it's too late to meaningfully prepare. If somebody hasn't already done it, it's too late now, it's too freakin late. If somebody hasn't already made that decision to be judicious and strategic about who they're listening to. and for what reason it's too late. If they're listening to oh, well, the banks, right little regional banks, little local banks, they would never fail. That would never happened even though it has happened. By the way, no, no, no problem. No. Oh, no. The people at Silicon Valley they were just play us if you worried about it. You're an idiot. You're doing quote stupid, but things. If somebody's still there, there's not anything I can do for them. Not a thing. I will continue to blog, I will continue to publish podcast episodes in general. But as far as ripping myself a new one every week to get a Saturday broadcast out, I can't do it anymore. Gang. I'm tired. Mom is tired. She's had enough. I came here to do what I've done. I've said what I needed to say. And I can I can sleep at night knowing that I haven't been a jackwagon I haven't gotten on the air and be like, everything's gonna be great toxic positivity, toxic optimism, but also haven't been like you've got three more days. You've got two more weeks. We're going into Armageddon, kiss your butt. Goodbye. Get ready to be a warlord out in the forest. No, no. If somebody at this point, they still don't have a job. Last survival plan. They don't have an RTO survival plan. They don't understand what a pip is. They don't. They don't. It's unconceivable to them that we don't really have a 3.5% unemployment rate with all these open jobs for every one unemployed person. They don't understand that time to hire has gone up. They don't understand that the balance of power has gone back to corporate America. Like there's not a damn thing I can do for them. There. It's too late. It's too late. How many times have I referenced Jared a Brooks article about how the hyper elites are jonesing for a recession because they want your stuff. And the sad thing is, there will be people that get so brutalized by what's coming that it will be easy to take their stuff. There was a podcast that I watched over the weekend. And full disclosure here because you know how it is nowadays you have to give 1000 disclosures. I don't know these people haven't watched every episode they've ever recorded. I'm not wholesale endorsing them. I don't freaking know them. Okay, there we go. But watch this podcast episode of live from the vault. And it was interesting because the the guys on this podcast were talking about the idea of is this is this being done to just straight up break the system? Or the hyperlinks and the powers that be are they just trying like they're they're willfully trying to just break the whole damn thing. Break it all apart. so that then they can do build back better. They can have the CBD C's, they can have the Fed now, they can have social credit scores. They can consolidate the banks into maybe four or five major players, that you either use them or you don't watch what's going to be your option, right. And I was so glad I'm like, Thank God, somebody else is at least asking these questions. Regardless of whether or not you agree with their viewpoint or my viewpoint, I think it is a good question to ask, Are they trying to break the system? Because I remember in that documentary about the age of easy money, and how how it was said in that documentary, the system failed in 2008, it was completely done. It was like all the blood was out of the arteries and the capillaries and it was just dead. And they brought it back to life. Well, I wonder this time around, part of the reason why we're being manipulated, in my opinion with the gaslighting and the bread crumbing and the bizarre, conflicting narratives, I really wonder, is this part of some bigger plan to just crash the whole thing, run the whole economic jalopy off a cliff, and then say, Well, guys, we got to build back better, we got to come back. We got to make it better than it was before the old way. It died. We couldn't we couldn't put it on life support any farther. couldn't do any more for it. It's time for us to just build it back better time for us to have agenda 2030 It's time for us to have digital coins. You're just gonna have digital currencies are gonna be digits on a screen. And if we don't like you, if we D platform you Well, that's it. I don't know. I don't know the answers to these questions. I'm just so glad to see other people contemplating the question. Instead of being in hot air hopium and lala land. That's really all I have to say, in this particular episode. I felt like it it meant something to me to get on to talk about like, Hey, here's why you're not gonna see Saturday broadcast for a while, I hope. But anything can happen. Anything could happen if we wind up in world war three, if they finally do try it out in St. Barbara. Oh, it's a big economic mess. And we're all in the sand. They could come back I might, I might revive them if something pops up that I feel like necessitates it. But for the time being, I'm tired. I need my weekends back. And I'm also quite frankly, tired of just reading all of this conflicting narrative nonsense. To me, it just becomes so clear that it's propaganda. You see these same flipping words over and over again, robust, resilient, soft landing, recession cancelled, slow session, rich session. Ah, it's just it's nauseating. I'm like, Nope, I did, what I came to do. People that have yours to hear. I hope that they were helped by it. I hope it inspired them to ask some questions to pay better attention to get those job loss and RTO survival plans put together. Other than that peace out. I've done what I can do. Stay safe, stay sane, and I will see you in the next episode.


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