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Y'all Throwing Gas on an Open Fire

October 12, 2023
The Causey Consulting Podcast
Y'all Throwing Gas on an Open Fire
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Has the aftermath of The Great Resignation turned into a giant psyop? Are you being manipulated by "influencers" who are giving you bad advice on purpose?

Key topics:

✔️ Why would you want to hasten your own demise?
✔️ The show Rabbit Hole portrays a financial fixer who can engineer corporate espionage, market manipulation, blackmail photos, etc. Sounds like art imitating life, doesn't it?
✔️Misinformation/disinformation includes left and right wing propaganda. IMO, controlled opposition is easy to spot if that person or group is leading you into danger, giving you false hope, playing the martyr whilst making big $$, etc.
✔️ The cronies have not been shy in saying they want the job market to crash. They want high unemployment to get the serfs back in line. Unpopular and contrary opinion here: PLEASE STOP PLAYING INTO THEIR HANDS.


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Welcome to the Causey Consulting Podcast. You can find us online anytime at And now, here's your host, Sara Causey.


Hello, Hello, and thanks for tuning in. In today's episode, I'm going to be treading on some rocky and unstable ground. I debated for a little while on exactly how to record this episode, I knew that I wanted to because I feel like the message is too important to just toss it to the side, sit on it for a while and censor myself. But I just didn't know quite the right way to phrase everything. It's like I've had this line of thought running through my brain for the past few weeks. But I've had some difficulty being able to crystallize the language. I knew what I was thinking and feeling inside my own head. But being able to get that out in a podcast episode and make it so that somebody else will understand it and it doesn't just sound like Oh, aren't weren't, weren't one. That's been more of a challenge. I feel like this aftermath of the Great resignation is morphing into a kind of SIOP into a kind of, unfortunately, fertile ground for punishment. I understand that might not make a lot of sense on the front end, but I hope to get up here and shoot my shot and explain why I think that's the case. And why I think that people need to be more careful. When I had that interview with the Washington mail going all the way back to June 6 of this year, we talked about the great resignation and how in my opinion, it's not only finished now, but it has been for quite some time. I predicted a backlash when I called the Great backlash against the great resignation. And one of the things that I said in my response was the economy has boom and bust cycle. Sure, but I think at this point, we see some CEOs really taking a sort of impish Glee in punishing employees with RTO mandates and conditioning job seekers by putting them through the wringer during the interview process. It's terrible. I wish that I had been wrong. In that prediction. It seems like I'm saying something pessimistic and dystopian. And I sit here and hope and pray I'll be wrong. And then I'm just not. Because here we are. Not long ago, that guy, Tim Gerner, the Australian multimillionaire dude was like, we need to see pain in the economy. And I'm like, I told you, I told you. I've talked in the past few episodes about behavior that I'm seeing in the job market, things being OTT over the top bad behavior on both sides of the equation, hiring managers and candidates alike, people cutting their own throats and then wanting to blame it on everybody else, people fudging up their own job searches and kind of Bri being the Bringers of their own misery. And this is where I think for me it's it's tricky, because I feel like the hyper elites, the banksters, the cronies, they're already angling for a return to feudalism. They want John and Jane Q Public to function like serfs, and peons. And I feel like they're manipulating the system to make damn sure that that happens. And to me, it's a bit like why would you want to hasten your own demise? If you can look around and see these things happening? Why would you want to escalate it? Why would you want to put gasoline on an open fire going back to December of last year I wrote a blog post titled it's being trapped full stop. And I also in that reference, another blog post that I had written back in October called just getting by feudalism. 2.0. In this I write trapped in a home or an apartment plus trapped in a job plus trapped by finances slash debt equals trapped full stop. The thing is, when you look at one full time job not being enough to sustain you, the manufactured insecurity goes beyond renting an apartment or a trailer, it starts to look more like workplace feudalism, plus living situation feudalism equals feudalism. I don't think it's that big of an imaginative leap to kind of conclude that the hyper elites want us in that you vote on lossing and UVB, happy, perpetual renter scenario. You get your credits, and you live in your hovel and you eat your cricket burgers and you just sit down, shut up and do what you You're told you are a cog in the machine. Or if you're in the, quote, useless class and then you go into your virtual reality headset and you play your games all day and you live a very Idiocracy type of lifestyle. But it's okay, little peon, because it's much more interesting and much more fulfilling than your regular life ever would have been anyway. I don't think it's that big of an imaginative leap. When you look at these things about being trapped in the workforce, being trapped in a home or an apartment or a hovel. Why on earth, would we want to hasten our own demise? Why would we want to make things worse? And that's been on my mind a lot, because as I've been talking to candidates and job seekers, I feel like some of them have taken the great resignation and put it on steroids. And to me, it's like throwing a bucket of gasoline onto an open fire. You already have corporate America and the fat cats and the CEOs and their cronies saying, y'all need to cut this shit out. We need 40 to 50% unemployment to bring y'all asses back in line. Why would you want to throw gasoline on the fire? I don't get that. To me. That's just so not common sense. It's difficult for me to understand that. And that's why I'm saying like, I think the fallout in the aftermath of the Great resignation has started to turn into a psyop because it reminds me of this right wing Maga idea of go woke, go broke. And you'll have people that say that and they really believe it. It's like, there's all this evidence of misinformation, bots, trolls paid shills, but they seem to think that that only exists on the left wing side of the political spectrum. But it doesn't somehow impact the right wing side of the political spectrum. I don't know why there's that belief or that bias there. But I hate to break it to you, they're going to work both sides of the ankle.


In an article from the AAP where they talk about such things they say the disposable foot soldiers in this digital conflict are bots. In the social media context, these autonomous programs can run accounts to spread content without human involvement. Many are harmless tweeting out random poems or pet photos, but others are up to no good and designed to resemble actual users. One study by researchers at the University of South Southern California analyzed election related tweets sent in September and October 2016, and found that one in five were sent by a bot to the Pew Research Center concluded in a 2018 study that accounts suspected of being bots are responsible for as many as two thirds of all tweets that link to popular websites. While flesh and blood Twitter users will often post a few times a day about a variety of subjects. The most obvious bots will tweet hundreds of times a day, day and night and often only on a specific topic. They are more likely to repost content rather than create something original. Then there's the cyborg, a kind of hybrid account that combines a bots tirelessness with human subtlety. Cyborg accounts are those in which a human periodically takes over a bot account to respond to other users and to post original content. They are more expensive and time consuming to operate, but they don't give themselves away as robots and quote Do you not think that that's happening on both sides of the spectrum? To me, whenever I see this push of go won't go broke? If you do something that we politically disagree with Middle America is just gonna shut you down. And I'm like, I think you might be overestimating the situation here. I've been watching this show on Paramount called rabbit hole. And I'm not going to spoil it for anybody. I'm just going to tell you the basic, like premise. Kiefer Sutherland places dude, who calls himself a consultant, but he's really like a financial fixer. So he can manipulate markets, he can cause the stock to go way up, he can cause it to go low, he can cause it to crater, he can cause another company to get terrible publicity and go out of business. He can make it look like two people know each other. Maybe they're even having a romantic affair with each other and they don't know one another at all. There. They might just be standing next to one another at a taxi stand or standing next to one another at a subway. But they're able to get photographs and have their cell phones near one another. And it's like OSI they're in a conspiracy together. So he he does this corporate espionage, stock shorting market manipulation that we so often see See mean? Meme stalks line one Hello, these things really do happen. They're not solely in the realm of a fictional television show. I think in this case, it's more like art is imitating life. In watching rabbit hole, it reminded me a lot of this whole Bud Light, debacle, go woke, go broke, we're, we're mad, you've offended us. But then the Bill Gates Foundation comes in and buys $95 million worth of Anheuser Busch stock. I mean, this is literally like the types of things that happen on that show. We want to buy up a huge portion of this company, but we want the stock to be cheaper, what can you do to drive it down? I think the problem is you have individuals who still get into this, which is also I think, a psyop narrative of the politicians and the cronies and these Wall Street fat cats. They're just all dumb asses. They are just stupid. They are. They're as dumb as a box of rocks. They have no idea what's going on. They're throwing darts at a dartboard, blindfolded, and every now and then, by sheer chance, one of them will hit the bull's eye, but for the most part, they are just dumb as shit. I don't know where you're getting that idea from. I mean, I do. It's a psyop. But why are you believing it? Go and read Michael Aquino's book mind war. I have had Neo libs tell me that's just a conspiracy theory. Like they don't think the book actually exists. And I'm like, you can go to Amazon right now. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can go to Amazon right now and start reading that book. As soon as you get done with this podcast episode. It is a real book, I assure you. But in that book, you know, Michael Aquino talks very clearly about how future warfare was not going to be blood and guts on a battlefield. People just don't respond to that the way that they did. In the era before television. Vietnam was really the first war that had a lot of television coverage. And the American public did not respond well to that. It was not it was not a war that was well supported. And Michael Aquino's point in mind war is that the future of warfare is going to be in the mind. You don't have to go through all of the the blood and the guts and the gore on the battlefield and trying to gain public support for that. If you just do psyops, it's all there. And then you get me with the theory. Okay. All right. Sure, of course, it is, just like by by sheer accident by total happenstance. But Bud Light pulled a real Boehner move, and they pissed off their main demographic of buyers and the stock went low. And who could have seen it coming? Well, we'll see, I feel like this happens, and it happens, it happens. And unfortunately, I think that we are shaping up for a big disaster in the job market. I hope I'm wrong about that. I really do. But I am worried because of the bad behavior, because of the ghosting and the flakiness and the arrogant attitudes, people that just, they act like if they get on the phone, or a Zoom meeting, or whatever the platform is they are doing, you have a really big effing favor by even talking to you. And I'm like, Man, the only thing you're going to do is piss corporate America off further. And they're going to go to Capitol Hill, and it's going to start turning into legislation. It's going to start turning into the Fed crashing, they already want to, I've linked to that CBS News article. I don't know how many flipping times about Buckle Up America, unemployment is common. It's not a secret that the Fed wants unemployment to go up, even though they're Oh, they're being dovish and soft landing and maybe a recession is not in the cards. Be careful believing that it is your choice if you want to believe it. But man, I'd be careful listening to any of that nonsense. It's not that difficult to imagine the CEOs going to the cronies on Capitol Hill and at the Fed saying, These people, these job seekers, these employees have gotten way too high and mighty. We need to crash this sumbitch quick. It's not difficult to imagine that. So I'm just like, Why? Why is that the bad behavior? The OTT behavior, the arrogance. Why are people doing this? I think part of it does boil down to the SIOP and I'm going to tell you another little something here. Up, maybe we need to just all put on our tinfoil We'll suits and go into our tinfoil cave. I think that not all, but some of the so called influencers and posters on social media are bots, trolls and paid shills, I think they are deliberately leading you astray. I think they're controlled opposition, so to speak, because that's one of the ways that you'll know you'll know the tree by the fruit it bears. If somebody is giving you kernels of truth, or they're giving you generally sound information, but then on top of that, they're leading you astray. They're putting you in situations that are dangerous, they're putting you in situations where you could get arrested, you could lose your freedom, you could lose your life. There, they're telling you, okay, here's all the reasons why feudalism is going to happen. Here's all the information about agenda 20330. But you don't really need to worry about that, because we're winning, we're really fighting the deep state, we're going to elect this politician and it doesn't matter. It does not matter, Republican, Democrat, whoever, we're going to elect this politician, and he's gonna drain the swamp, he's going to fix all of this for us. It's okay, as long as we get him in the office, everything's going to be fine. In my opinion, if if you are hearing stuff like that, coming from somebody, in my mind, that automatically becomes this person is controlled opposition, they're being allowed to say what they're saying, because they're peppering in some grains of truth. They're giving some generally worthwhile information, but they're leading people astray. They're not really giving people anything actionable, that might help them that might save their life. No, they might be leading them to go to an event. I'm not gonna you know, name any specific names, and I'm not going to name any specific events. I think in America, you're going to know what I'm talking about, you know, they might encourage people to attend an event where they could lose their life and or lose their freedoms simply by being there. That to me is a pretty big, waving red flag that says controlled opposition.


I think that we have influencers and bots, trolls, shills, etc, who are doing exactly that. They're telling these job seekers, just act act like you are God's gift to the world. show up and be arrogant. If the person on the phone is a recruiter, or they're part of a staffing agency, treat them like utter and complete shit. If it's somebody from the HR talent acquisition department, and not the actual hiring manager within the company, treat them like shit. Always ask for more money. Don't bother to read the job description before you apply just mass apply and easy apply over and over and over. And then let the person tell you let them sell themselves to you. And I'm like, Well, does anybody need to be selling anybody? I mean, isn't this supposed to be like a partnership? Mutually good thing? I do. I think that, that some of these people calling themselves influencers are controlled opposition. And I think that they are either being encouraged and paid, or at the very least, if not encouraged and paid. Encouraged by the likes, comments, clicks and shares that they get from other bots and trolls. They're being popularized. It's probably the way I should put it. Because they're leading you astray. You you Oh my god. I hope I'm wrong on this. Please, Lord, let me be wrong on this. There are some people who are going to get so steamrolled and they're and they're going to sit there and wonder well, how did it happen? They will they will absolutely look around flabbergasted after they have listened to these bots, trolls shills and misinformation cyborgs. How did this happen? Somebody that said they were an expert told me that I should act this way. And now I can't get hired. Well, you know what, maybe it's time to quit acting like you know everything. Talk to some people that are older than you. Talk to everybody maligns the baby boomers, but it's like talk to some baby boomers talk to some of the older folks of Gen X. Well, hey, what was it like? How did you get a job? What How did you get ahead? What did you do? And I'm not saying go and lick somebody's boots. I'm not saying sell your soul to accompany. What I am saying is that if some of y'all don't calm down and quit being so arrogant, and stuck up and rude and Ott, y'all you're cutting your own throats, and you are going to make it so bad. There was an article published on the intercept on September 23, titled, The Secret History of how the super rich have kept the working In class out of work, the byline reads Tim Gerner. The viral Australian multimillionaire who wants more workers to be unemployed was debunked by an economist in 1943. In this we read, Tim Werner and Australian real estate Titan and multimillionaire made international news last week by being recklessly honest about his desire for unemployment to spike, and regular workers to suffer. Gartner has been understandably condemned for this across the globe and has now issued a week vague apology. What truly deserves attention is why Gartner feels the way he does and how it's precisely explained in an essay written in 1943, titled, political aspects of full employment and quote, I'm going to butt in here and say, I think there are several reasons why he feels the way that he does. And I think this is this again is where I sort of come back to the SIOP idea. You have people that are being told misinformation by so called experts and so called influencers about how to act like a stone cold turd. When you go on a job interview, treat recruiters like shit treat anybody in HR like shit act like you're God's gift to humanity be very spoiled and very entitled. You've got all of this conflict, all of this Sturm and Drang going on in the job market. So that's one reason why, honestly, any manager, any company owner, anybody in HR that has to spend a lot of time conducting interviews, probably ready to pull their effing hair out, after you've spent an entire day talking to people who act like their noses in the air and they think you're the gum on the bottom of their shoe. Yeah, you're gonna feel pretty pissed off about it. I think that's just human nature. But it making demands and and, and acting stuck up and snotty that it's not helpful. And I'm telling you, it's like taking a bucket of gasoline and pouring it on an open fire. This is not isolated, I believe, to garner, I think there are other fat cats and millionaires and business owners that feel exactly the way that he does. They want you to sit down, shut up, get back in the cube farm and do what you're told. They may not be so bold as to go out in the media and say it, but you can bet they're thinking it. I'll continue to read. In it. Polish economist Michael collectie argued that government spending could ensure a permanent economic boom with both low unemployment and with both low employment and increased business profits. Crucially, however, Cholesky predicted that business executives would hate having what everyone else sees as a good economy because it would allow regular people to be less subservient to them. Let me read that again. It would allow regular people to be less subservient to them. For the business class, no amount of money can replace the daily joy of watching your inferiors grovel when in your presence. You better preach. This is part of my point. If you go into these interviews, and you're acting like everyone else in this company is a POS and I'm the king or the queen. No, all you're doing, in my opinion, which could be wrong, is hastening the boot that's going to come down on the back of your neck. Because I think this is accurate for the business class. There's no amount of money, no amount of money, whatever their excuses are about productivity and the joy of being together and collaboration and teamwork and all that nonsense. No, they want to watch the inferiors they want to watch the serfs and the peons work and grovel in their presence. I think that's spot on. I do. And I and this is again why I say I feel like it's all coming to a head. I feel like this great resignation, great backlash and people still quitting their jobs thinking that they're gonna find something quickly or they get laid off and they have no job loss survival plan. They believe this bullshit about a soft landing and we might have a slow session but we won't really have a recession and there's still an unemployment rate that's under 4% turnin and burnin doing great, resilient, robust blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're listening to that shit. They're totally in a gaslighting situation and they're listening to that and it's causing them to behave in such a way that oh my god, oh my god, you guys, corporate America is coming from this job market y'all. It is. I'll continue to read Gerner made his remarks to fellow executives during an event called the Australian Financial Review property summit. The Australian Financial Review is loosely analogous to the Wall Street Journal in the US unemployment has to jump 40 to 50% In my view, Girnar explained with the cool effect of a sociopathic surgeon explaining why he has to cut into your body we need to see pain in the economy in quote. Yeah, he this is what he is saying that The thesis is not buried. And I told you back in June in that interview with the Washington male CEOs taking a sort of impish Glee I think that this author here on the intercept, referring to it as sociopathic is spot on. And then they have a, an image here of the tweet from the financial review that reads Gartner Group founder Tim Gerner tells the financial review property summit workers have gotten arrogant since COVID. And we've got to kill that attitude and, quote, a fear to calm him down. I'm John, I'm trying to warn y'all settle it down. I'm not telling you grovel. I'm not I'm not telling you to lick anybody's boots. I'm not I'm not telling you. Oh, please, sir. monda have another lump of gruel in me bowl. No, I'm not saying that. Just settle it down a little bit. Be more strategic about the way that you're behaving in the way that you're interacting with people. Because all you're doing is fanning the flames. You're throwing a bucket of gasoline on an open fire and then expecting nothing to happen. You already have this FatCat saying workers have become arrogant and we got to kill that attitude. Do you not think they will succeed in that? long pause there so you can consider that question for yourself. I'll continue to read. The initial COVID-19 era with increased social spending and low unemployment gave workers more power in the labor market and the willingness to use it. Ever since business executives and government officials have been expressing sentiments like Garner's is slightly less bluntly. Last July, the intercept obtained an internal Bank of America memo and all button and say I have linked to this memo, umpteen 1000 times. The intercept is product Who is this woman? Why does she quote this so much. The Intercept obtained an internal Bank of America memo that stated We hope the ratio of job openings to unemployed is down to the more normal highs of the last business cycle. Translated into English. This means the bank was rooting for there to be fewer job openings.


Likewise, a California real estate CEO said on an earnings call last year that a recession could be good if it comes with a level of unemployment that puts employers back in the driver's seat and allows them to get all their employees back into the office. Around the same time and anonymous Texas businessman told the Dallas branch of the federal reserve about his delighted anticipation that the workforce pulls its head out of its rear when a correction or recession makes jobs scarce. And people start to feel the pain or fear of not providing for their family and loved ones. He did have one concern, however that the government might jump back into the fight and pay them to do nothing again in quote. Here it is cockadoodledoo here's your wake up call. Allow me to send you a monogrammed invitation to stop cutting your own throat. Please, you guys, please stop pouring gasoline on an open fire and expecting nothing to happen. Again, to be completely clear, am I telling you to lick boats? Am I telling you to sell your soul to accompany? No, no, I'm not. There is a happy medium between groveling and begging and acting like a second class citizen. versus the other side of the spectrum acting very arrogant, very spoiled, very rude, very hostile. Getting on the phone with somebody and being like, before we go any further, I got some questions for you. What? What about whatever happened to just Hi, hello, how are you? I had an interview with a guy. I don't know. It's been two or three weeks ago and he was so pleasant. He had a really beautiful speaking voice anyway, which didn't hurt things. But his demeanor was so polite and so calm and just normal. not arrogant, not Ott, but also not subservient. And groveling either. Be like that guy. Okay, I don't give you advice, and I don't tell you what to do or what not to do. I opine for your entertainment only. But if it were me, I would strive to be like that guy. calm, cool, collected, not desperate, not over the top. I don't act like my ego won't fit through the door. I'm just a normal down to earth person. Because I'm telling you, just like the intercept is warning you, et cetera. These cronies are being very clear about what they want. And if you think that John and Jane Q Public are going to have some big revolution against corporate America and against the system, I just don't see that happening. If the government does step in as this guy from the Fed is warning about if the government does step in and quote pay people to do nothing, then you're going to be subservient to the state, which is six of one and half a dozen of the other meet you won't know of it's nothing new. You talk each toe who wants to be a cog in the machine for the state any more than they want to be a cog in the machine for corporate America. But the one thing I come back to is please quit throwing gasoline on an open fire if you're listening to influencers, bots, troll shill, cyborgs, whatever the f they are telling you to act arrogant to act stuck up to demand money constantly. You know if the salary range is posted at 200k, apply for it and then demand 150 And tell them how important and studly you are. The thing is, it's not just that you're peeping on your own parade. You're gonna ruin the job market for a lot of other people too. You're just going to hasten the demise. I hope I'm wrong. I pray that I'm wrong. I just don't think so on this one. Stay safe, stay sane. And I will see you in the next episode.


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